Your Benefits

Have you ever experienced a familiar aroma that instantly transported you back to a specific moment in your life? Every emotion, flooding back with each breath?

Now, you have the opportunity to create a custom scent tailor-made to relive those extraordinary moments.

  • Candle & Diffuser $125

    Our matching candle and diffuser package

  • Candle $75

    100% Soy Wax

    Wooden Wick

    380g Triple Scented Candle

    65 hours burn

  • Diffuser $85

    200 ml diffuser bottle

    350 ml of fragrance oil

    10 reeds

Seed Paper

As a special touch, each gift includes a personalised message printed on seed paper. Not only can you enjoy the candle or diffuser, but you can also reuse it to grow a beautiful flower by planting the seed paper

High-quality Packaging

We wrap each item In our high-quality packaging,
ensuring that it is beautifully presented as a gift